Meet our Friends, The Birds

The Bird Family

At Charlotte's we have several bird residents, including chickens, turkeys and ducks. Most of our birds have joined us because they were in similar situations, be it due to re-homing, abandonment, or being saved from slaughter. Of all of our animals our bird family is the "toughest." We like to think of them as bossy little dinosaurs but in reality, they're gentle souls who enjoy an even amount of cuddle and alone time.

Where do we spend our afternoons?

Outside, of course! A couple of us enjoy short little flights every now and then but for the most part, we love bustling about in the backyard. Plus, we bet you can't catch us!

What are our favourite snacks?

That depends on who you ask but for the most part, we love digging our beaks into grasses, buds, certain bugs, weeds, seeds, and the occasional nut. Corn is an awesome treat but let's just say it's a "treat" for a reason; we'll get sick if we have too much of it!

What are our preferred pastimes?

We love exploring! Sadly, some people might instead think we're up to no good because we'll go just about anywhere we can. We prefer to think of it as a "pioneering spirit"...and don't you forget it!

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