The Dogs

Mabel, Ellie, Gixxie, and Bash are Lauren’s rescue dogs. It's amazing to watch them interact with everyone on the farm! Mabel steals the show with her eclectic attitude and cuddles (whether you are ready for them or not) while Ellie cuddles with the lambs.

Where do we spend our afternoons?

Socializing! We aren't having good day unless we spend it with our friends, whether they be people or other animals around the farm. Sometimes they prefer to spend time alone but not on our watches!

What are our favourite snacks?

Man, we love having a balanced diet! We'll never turn down treats, of course, but we feel our best when we have the right amount of protein, carbs, and fat to chow down on. Beef, turkey, fish, soybeans, wheat, and oats are delicious!

What are our favourtie pastimes?

Hanging out with our friends (or meeting new ones!), having snacks, going for strolls, or whatever we feel like doing, really. We're great at listening to our emotions and often find ourselves doing things because they feel good! This may or may not get us into trouble....

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