Meet our Friends, The Donkeys



Deacon is our sweet baby donkey, just over a year of age. He is one of the newest additions to Charlotte’s family as he was rescued in the fall of 2017. Deacon loves to follow his best friend, Izzy (the pony) around and learn from him. He also loves his goat friends. Deacon is a gentle soul. He lights up the entire barn every time he makes “hee-haw” noise. During our goat yoga events, Deacon steals the hearts of the participants.

Where do I spend my afternoon?

Ideally, outside in a nice, big field. I love the peaceful life and if I'm left to graze and close my eyes whenever I like, I'm truly in heaven.

What are my favourite snacks?

I'm usually quite happy nibbling on grass and hay but I certainly won't turn down a carrot or apple if you've got one handy.

What are my favourite pastimes?

I love being pampered. Being regularly brushed and fed make me giddy but as I said, there's something really swell about being able to chill out in a pasture at one's leisure.

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