Meet our Friends, The Goats

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore

This trio of Billy goats originally came from an auction at different ages: two, four, and six weeks. Being young male goats, there was a 99 per cent chance they would have eventually been sold as meat - but there’s no worry of that now.

These guys take friendly to a whole new level. They are usually found fighting for the attention of anyone they think might pet them. It’s hilarious to watch them run, climb, jump, and play. We knew we needed to name them after a famous trio, hence Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.

Where do we spend our afternoons?

Finding people to hang out with, obviously! Some might say we're extroverts; though frankly, we think that's an understatement. Once we meet you, you'll find that it's super hard to get rid of us.

What are our favourite snacks?

We like to maintain a green diet, thank you. If you give us certain weeds, grasses, alfalfa, or other kinds of green hay, we'll friends in a jiffy.

What are our preferred pastimes?

Exercising, for sure. Hopping, running around, and play fighting keep us occupied for most of the day when we're not battling for people's attention!


Benjamin is a Pigmy Goat who came from the same auction as Alvin, Simon & Theodore. He was about four months old at the time and was very shy. With some patience and treats, Benjamin has become a very friendly/ loving little guy. Poor little Benjamin was the big one in the group when they first came along, but he has quickly become the smallest, as his breed stays very small compared to the Billy Goats.

Where do I spend my afternoons?

That depends on how I feel. Sometimes you'll see me spending time with my closest friends or greeting new people, while during others I'll be relaxing by myself. I'm not trying to be anti-social; I'm just a bit shy.

What are my favourtie snacks?

The Trio and I have similar tastes, so anything green works for me!

What are my favourtie pastimes?

I like exploring or resting by myself just as much as I love making the people and animals around me feel good. Depending on my mood, I'm happy doing either.

This lucky boy sure is happy to be living at Charlotte’s Freedom Farm. Of all of our loving goats, he takes the cake for “ultimate cuddler.” He loves attention and to be by the time of compassionate humans. This little guy fit right in the day he moved in. The growth of his horns was likely stunted by trauma during the first few months of his life. Now, he is able to flourish with endless amounts of love and care.

Where do I spend my afternoons?

Seeking out cuddles! I love giving and receiving affection, so don't be surprised if I approach you and demand a hug.

What are my favourite snacks?

I've gotta agree with the guys above me: greenery is scrumptious! Come to think of it, I'm getting a tad peckish for some grass.

What are my favourite pastimes?

Indulging in a good snack and soaking up those cuddles.

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