Meet our Friends, The Lambs


Charlotte is the sweetest, funniest, cutest little lamb. She is also the first lamb we have ever known so forgive us if we seem a little biased.

Charlotte came to us as an orphan at the tender age of four days and lived in the house for the next 10 weeks. From the beginning she would hop around on three legs, refusing to use her back left leg. She saw a vet, had x-rays taken and, thankfully, nothing appeared to be broken. Instead, this issue was caused by an infection. Charlotte has been on two courses of antibiotics but continues to have problems with the leg (we are seeking out specialized vet care for her at this time and donations are always appreciated). Charlotte has not been held back by her leg issues, though. She can be found running and hopping around the yard with her best buddy, Emmitt, all the time. They are usually in the pen with the dogs though they fancy the house because they have a favorite spot on the carpet for naps!

Where do I spend my afternoons?

Bonding with my buddy, Emmitt. That guy is a riot. You'll notice that we have our favourtie spots to play and nap in so if you're looking for us, chances are we won't be hard to spot.

What are my favourite snacks?

I'm a big fan of grass, clover, and leaves such as forbs. Mmmm, forbs.

What is my preferred pastime?

I love doing lots of things during my time off. In fact, I find it hard to choose favourites. Depending on my mood, napping, playing, and socializing all strike my fancy.


Emmitt is a cheeky little lamb who loves people. Keep an eye on the space around you ‘cause he’ll follow you anywhere. He hops and bounces around the yard but never strays from his bestie, Charlotte.

The night we took in Emmitt we didn't think he would survive very long. He was unable to stand and was having trouble breathing. Luckily he came around and is a healthy boy who is growing quickly. Male lambs are sold for meat at four to six months of age but Emmitt has a forever home at Charlotte’s.

Where do I spend my afternoons?

Chasing people! Sometimes I even quietly follow them just to prove they can't get rid of me. Charlotte just shakes her head.

What are my favourite snacks?

I've gotta agree with Charlotte on this one; grass and other leafy greens are yummy in my tummy!

What is my preferred pastime?

I love being active, I will go as far as my legs will take me! If I can bring a friend with me, I'm set.

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