About the Farm

Welcome to the Farm!

a small hobby farm near Comber, Ontario.

All our animals were rescued from the farm industry and are now pets who are allowed to live out their live. Many of our animals came to us with health problems or as orphans. We rehabilitate them and let them live out their lives in peace.

Currently we house two sheep, five goats, a pony, six ducks, six turkeys, 3 guinea hens and 9 chickens. We also have dogs and cats!


If there's one thing we've learned since building Charlotte's Freedom Farm, it's that animals are aware, loving, and very much appreciative of being alive. They are far more than what appear on our dinner plates and if you look into their eyes you can see they don't belong there. Therefore, do them a favour and make them your friend, not food. We promise you won't regret it.

Spread the word by using "#FriendsNotFood" on your social pages. Charlotte and the gang will thank you!