Izzy is our large pony. She is approximately eight years old and is one of the newest additions to Charlotte’s family. Izzy is a gentle giant. When we took her in we were a bit intimidated by her size but she quickly put us at ease with her calm, cooperative nature. When going to put her lead on, Izzy placed her head in herself as a sign of trust. She enjoys grazing outside and rolling in the grass and spent part of her life living inside a barn with other animals. Now, she is the most loved and spoiled pony ever.

Where do I spend my afternoon?

Ideally, outside in a nice, big field. I love the peaceful life and if I'm left to graze and close my eyes whenever I like, I'm truly in heaven.

What are my favourite snacks?

I'm usually quite happy nibbling on grass and hay but I certainly won't turn down a carrot or apple if you've got one handy.

What are my favourite pastimes?

I love being pampered. Being regularly brushed and fed make me giddy but as I said, there's something really swell about being able to chill out in a pasture at one's leisure.

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